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Musashino Premium

The Biggest Food Festival in Musashino City Musashino Gochiso Festival


Musashino Gochiso Festival refers to the biggest Food Festival in Musashino City for citizens and visitors to enjoy eating / drinking at restaurants and shopping, and also to know local products and rattler.
We would like to ask visitors who are going to visit and see autumn leaves to join Musashino Gochiso Festival because the festival is held every autumn.


Specialty of Musashino City, Musashino Local Flour Udon Noodle

Because of a lot of wheat production in the old days in Musashino City, there was the common practice of old households making Udon Noodles with local made flour to host / entertain guests at ceremonial occasions. The newly produced specialty using local grown flour from Musashino highland while carrying food culture of Musashino City is the Musashino Local Flour Udon Noodle.

Musashino Local Flour Udon Noodle was on limited sale at Musashino Gochiso Festival (November 2008) which is the great event to enjoy drinking, eating, shopping at Musashino and to know local products, rattler and specialty by citizens / visitors, and sees the light again. Finally general sales was started as Frozen Musashino Local Flour Udon Noodle responding to the request of sales at market in May 2011.