Map/Route Map

Do you have a map of the area?

Learn about the Kichijoji area with this map.

Do you have a train map?

You can download train maps from the websites of the railway companies.

Facilities and Services

Where can I exchange currency?

You can exchange currency at either of two places: the World Currency Shop in Atre Kichijoji or the World Currency Shop near the Kichijoji North Exit. You can find them on this map.

World Currency Shop, Atre Kichijoji:
East Tower 2F, Atre Kichijoji, 1-1-24, Kichijoji-minamicho, Musashino City
Phone: 0422 (22) 2259
10:00 - 20:00
World Currency Shop, Kichijoji North Exit:
Next to Shakey’s Pizza Parlor,
Daiya Barore Bldg B1, 1-15-2, Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino City
Phone: 0422 (23) 8266
09:00 - 17:00, Monday through Friday

Where can I find an ATM that accepts foreign credit cards?

Special ATMs in Seven-Elevens accept foreign credit cards.

Where can I find a public restroom?

You can find a public restroom called a "Mikalet" near the south exit of Kirarina Kichijoji. You can also find restrooms inside convenience stores (Seven-Eleven, Familymart, Lawson, etc.).

Where can I find a duty-free shop?

Use the map to locate major duty-free shops in the Kichijoji area.

Mega-shops Kirarina Kichijoji,Atre Kichijoji,PARCO Kichijoji,Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji,UNIQLO Kichijoji,Don Quijote Kichijoji,MARUI Kichijoji,LOFT Kichijoji,Ishii-Sport Shop in Coppice Kichijoji,Mujirushi Ryohin in SEIYU,Yodobashi Camera Kichijoji,Yamada Denki Kichijoji
Specialty Shops Drugstores, Seven-Elevens, etc.

How can I use a public phone?

To make a domestic call: Pick up the phone, insert coins or a card, and dial the number.


0033 → 010 → Country Code →Area Code* → Subscriber Number of the call recipient
* Omit the first [0] of the Area Code (except when calling land-line phones in Italy).

Where can I find a coin locker?

Use the map to find the locations of coin lockers.

McDonald's SUNROAD (Behind Ebisu Hall)
Renga Kan 1F (Down the escalator)
Renga Kan B1F (In front of Gusto)
Kichijoji Honmachi Building (In front of Kojo Kaikan Building)
Dia-Palace Building Kichijoji Building (Next to coppice)
Century Home Building (In front of Heichinrou)
Behind Yodobashi Camera (On the Kichijoji Library side)
Kichijoji Cinema Building (On the Chuo Line's elevated railway side)
Furuya Gakuen Building (Right before Marui)
Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji Basement 1F Food Section

A:JR Kichijoji Station inside the gate (2F)/B:JR Kichijoji Station (1F) next to the elevator and escalator/C:atre Kichijoji B1F (Yuragi square) entrance stairs/D:JR Kichijoji Station North Entrance by the rotary/E:Keio Inokashira Line Kichijoji Station (Next to Starbucks)

Where can I use Wi-Fi?

We have started #KichijojiFree Wi-Fi Service!
You can use Wi-Fi wherever you see the Wi-Fi mark below.

How to Connect

Tap in "Wi-Fi" and turn this function on,
choose "#KichijojiFree" from the list of networks.

Select a language.
Read the terms of use and tap on "Accept"
*With either top or bottom button.

Connection complete!
*Continuous connection is a available for up to 15 minutes per login

Are there any baby strollers for loan available near the railroad station?

Kichijoji, Musashino City is conducting a trial baby stroller loan-out service for visitors to the city.

Trial Period January 15 (Fri.) - March 31 (Thur.)
Available Hours 10:00 - 18:00
Locations Two Locations:
(1) Information Desk, 2F in Kirarina Kichijoji
(2) Information Desk, 1F in Tower-B, Coppice Kichijoji
Target Age: For small babies and toddlers (from 1 month to 4 years old)
Charge Free
Area for Use Around Kichijoji Railroad Station
Number of Strollers Available 3 strollers per location

Are rent-a-cycles available?

Rent-a-cycles are available near the east bicycle parking lot on the main street of Kichijoji.

Location: 1-18-13, Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0004
Phone: 0422-20-3325
Hours The parking lot is attended by staff from 06:30 to 23:00 on weekdays and Saturdays (from 08:00 to 23:00 on Sundays and holidays) Bicycles cannot be taken in or out of the parking lot when the parking lot is unattended.

Details are here.

Are there any smoking areas?

Sorry, there aren’t any.

Where can I find a lost-and-found desk?

If you have lost something, inform the shop, restaurant, or facility where you lost it. If you dropped something on the street, visit a police box to fill out a lost property report. Use the map to find police box locations in Kichijoji.

I want to go to the airport. Where can I find ticket office or bus stop for an airport limousine?

Access to Haneda Airport Haneda Airport ↔ Kichijoji (Train)
Haneda Airport ↔ Kichijoji (Limousine Bus)
Airport Transport Service, Information Center
Phone: 03-3665-7220
For Narita Airport Please check the Limousine Bus Information.

Limousine Bus

Where can I buy a JR ticket?

Ticket-vending machines are installed on the premises of JR Kichijoji Station. You can also buy a ticket at a ticket window in the JR ticket office "Midori-no-Madoguchi".

Where can I find the bus stop?

The Kanto Bus for Odaiba is located in loading zone number 3 by the north exit of the railroad station.
*The bus only runs on Saturdays and holidays. The fee is \860 for adults and \430 for children.

Outbound: Departs from the north exit of Kichijoji railroad station at 09:13 Arrives at Hotel GRAND PACIFIC at 10:15
Departs from the north exit of Kichijoji railroad station at 14:16 Arrives at Hotel GRAND PACIFIC at 15:20
Return: Departs from the Hotel at 10:50 Arrives at the north exit of Kichijoji railroad station at 12:00
Departs from the Hotel at 16:15 Arrives at the north exit of Kichijoji railroad station at 17:25

Specified Shop

Where is this shop located?

In this section we introduce the locations of shops that visitors to Kichijoji frequently ask about.

UNIQLO B1F, Atre Kichijoji, 1-1-24, Kichijoji-minamicho
Herbs B1F, Atre Kichijoji, 1-1-24, Kichijoji-minamicho
Quoka 1F, Atre East Tower, 1-1-24, Kichijoji-minamicho
MARUI 1-7-1, Kichijoji-minamicho
ISEYA 1-15-8, Kichijoji-minamicho
Mujirushi Ryohin Shop 1-7-1, Kichijoji-minamicho
SATO 1-1-8, Kichijoji-honcho
ENJI 1F, Nanyo Bldg, 1-1-1, Kichijoji-minamicho
Kirarina 2-1-25, Kichijoji-minamicho
YUZAWAYA 2-1-25, Kichijoji-minamicho
Kichijoji PARCO 1-5-1, Kichijoji-honcho
Yodobashi Camera Kichijoji Shop 1-19-1, Kichijoji-honcho
Yamada Denki Kichijoji Shop 2-3-13, Kichijoji-minamicho
Harmonica Side Street 1-Chome, Kichijoji-honcho (In front of north exit, Kichijoji railroad station)
3 COINS B1F, Atre Kichijoji, 1-1-24, Kichijoji-minamicho

Sightseeing Spot

How can I get to Inokashira Park?

Use the map to find Inokashira Park on the Sightseeing page. The map shows the route to the park from the railroad station.



The GHIBLI MUSEUM, Mitaka is located about 20 minutes away from Kichijoji railroad station on foot. Please see the map below if you would like to walk there. If you plan to go by bus, take the bus for Chofu Area from south side of Kichijoji railroad station and get off at "MANSUKE-BASHI", the closest stop to the museum.

Where can I find Nakamichi Street?

Use the map to find Nakamichi Street on the Shops & Lodgings page.

Shops & Lodging

Where can I find lodgings?

Kichijoji Area Kichijoji DAI-ICHI Hotel
2-4-14, Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino-City
Kichijoji Tokyu REI Hotel
1-6-3, Kichijoji-minamicho, Musashino-City
Mitaka Area Richmond Hotel Tokyo, Musashino
2-4-1, Nakamachi, Musashino-City
Musashisakai Area Hotel Mets Musashisakai
2-1-9, Sakai-minamicho, Musashino-City