Annual Events

Various events are held in Musashino City in every season. Why don’t you come to enjoy the seasonal events and many charms of the Kichijoji, Mitaka, and Musashisakai areas?

Spring Events

Kichijoji Flower Festival
An event to celebrate the birth of Buddha. The Buddhist memorial service is held at Gessouji Temple in Kichijoji. A procession of children parade along a circular route around the city together with a white elephant.
Kichijoji Welcome Campaign
Kichijoji Music Festival, and Daikisshou Lottery
Four major music events are held in all over the city: the JAZZ Concert, Kichijoji Music Contest, Super Stage and Park Concert. Local vendors also hold a gift certificate lottery. Gifts are redeemable on 19 shopping streets and in large stores.


Musashisakai Picnic
Take Part in a Stamp Rally Shopping Spree with Event Currency and a map. Enjoy performances of Traditional Japanese Dance, Hula Dance, Japanese Drums, and Wind-Instruments, along with many booths serving local foods from different countries.
Agricultural Experience Project: Community-grown chili peppers
This is a participatory event held to spread awareness of the importance of the environment and food resources through hands-on experience performing agricultural work in touch with soil and nature. Participants plant nursery chili peppers in spring.

Family Fun

Summer Event

The Star Festival at the Sanya Street Shopping Association
Visit Sanya Street to see the Mandou-Mikoshi floats from 18:00, and test your skills at traditional arcade games such as Quoits and the Super-Ball Scoop.
Bon Dance Event
Musashino City often holds Bon Dances/ Refreshment-stands / and Gaming Events.
Summer Festival
The city holds many summer festivals in the months before and after the Bon Period. Visit the refreshment-stands and enjoy the Japanese summer.
Kichijoji Autumn Festival
The Miya-Mikoshi parades from Musashino Hachimangu Shrine through every shopping street of the city together with the mikoshis of the town assemblies. Every team of Mikoshi-bearers has cultivated a unique cry of its own –a special attraction for experienced festival-goers. Eleven Mikoshis now make their appearances each year. The Sacred Horse and Musashino music festival are another two important attractions.
Model Airplane Festival
Make paper models of propeller and piston-engine airplanes at the park and then learn how to fly them on an expansive field. The event hosts measure flying times and issue certificates.
Welcome Campaign in Autumn; Kichijoji Animation Wonderland
Animation Event guest-hosted by comic artists, Kichijoji residents, and animation studios. The whole town celebrates the joys of animation at the popular toy market, plastic model-making event, and stage show at Inokashira Park.


Musashino Gochiso Festival
Food Festival Introducing Special Products/ Musashino Rattlers –a gift from Musashino City to visitors; Musashino Local Flour Udon Noodle –a locally sold Udon noodle made from a hard-to-find Musashino flour.

Food & Drink

Outdoor Market
Stages are set up for various performances and vendors selling crafts, produce, local products from friendship cities, and recycled goods from citizen groups. The whole event is designed to be completely friendly to the environment. Some visitors come especially for the knife sharpening workshop (charged) and the live performance of public bath painting –two more celebrations of Mushashino’s age-old traditions.

Winter Event

Light shows at three Railroad Stations
Romantic Light Shows Heralding Cold Winter Themes; Light show installations have been set up at three local railroad stations: Kichijoji, Mitaka, and Musashisakai in Musashino City. Enjoy your year-end, new-year festivities with these splendidly choreographed light stage arrangements.

Photo by Yukitaka Amemiya
Musashino’s Auspicious Seven Lucky Gods Tour
Pray for a year of good luck by taking a mini-pilgrimage to six temples and seven symbols of god around Kichijoji. Visit all of the temples and shrines on the list and have your signature board stamped with a read red seal at every stop.

Temples & shrines

Musashino Udo Exhibition & Sale
Udo (Aralia Cordata) is a specialty vegetable from Musashino City with a fragrance that heralds the arrival of spring; Local producers at this Exhibition & Sale Event compete in an Udo-growing contest every year.
Musashino city Road Race
Musashino City Road Relay Race Event and Musashino Civic Healthy Marathon Event held on the first Sunday of March every year in Musashino City. Participants of all kinds with a shared love for running show up to exhibit their progress in speed and endurance. We dare you to take the challenge!